“Hilton Root examines international relations from the perspective of complexity theory, the science of the twenty-first century. His analysis will compel a complete re-thinking of the current dominant narrative on globalization, with its assumption of convergence to Western liberal values. A very original, well-written, and highly thought-provoking book.”
Paul Ormerod, Partner, Volterra Partners

“A creative and sophisticated treatment of the dynamics of global change. By fleshing out the notion of a ‘networked global society,’ Root at once makes an important theoretical contribution and advances our understanding of the interdependent—yet decentralized—world that lies ahead.”
Charles A. Kupchan, Georgetown University and Council on Foreign Relations, Author of No One’s World

“As China gets richer, why is it not becoming more like the West? Because, says Hilton Root in this outstanding new book, development does not work the way that most social scientists think. Borrowing the tools that natural scientists use to explain evolution and complex systems, Dynamics among Nations reveals the hidden logic behind global economics, governance, and security. Everyone who wants to understand how our world is changing should read this compelling book.”
Ian Morris, author of Why the West Rules—For Now


Hilton L. Root
Professor of Public Policy